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Art Deco Bronze Banker's Table / Conference Table Lamp
Circa 1930's, American


Unique and very long (76 3/8") Bronze and brass lamp featuring back to back cast swans at each end.
Original Patina intact, the covered light hood has the original metal tag "Linolite, I. P. Frank mfg' on underside.

Ideal on our 84" wide Art Deco period Banker's table, or you may use this on a conference table.

The symbolism of the swan is quite romantic, as they are fiercely loyal and mate for life.  

Furthermore, we get the sense of balance from swan meaning as it lives harmoniously amongst three
of the four Aristotelian elements; Grounding herself on earth, lofting to great heights in the air, and
winding through waters with magnificent elegance.

Dimensions: 76 3/8" wide, 13 1/8" high, 9 1/8" deep. Base of swans on each side is 8 1/8" deep at bottom.

Condition: Offered as shown in as found, original condition. Requires re-wiring.
Restoration options are available at an additional cost: polishing or plating in polished nickel, then re-wiring.

Item # LADTL83: Price: $ 8,500. as shown

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Also available:
Art Deco Period Banker's Table
Bronze Banker's Lamp also available
Circa 1930's, American


Wonderful large, American Art Deco Banker's table, with bronze base, feet, fluted Bronze trim, paper slots and (black) painted steel legs. From 'back in the day' when banks were elegantly customized and outfitted by metal artisans.

Re-purpose this wonderful table as a bar table, center island in a kitchen,
raised work / project desk or center table.

Design is the same on both sides, so you may 'float' this in a room.
It is a real conversation piece that can add charm and function to a space.
Shown here with a clear glass top, imagine this topped in a marble or granite to suit your decor.

Also, available, we have the perfect full width bronze bankers lamp for this table.

Item # AGAA62

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