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French Art Deco Chandeliers, Art Deco, Chandeliers, Art Nouveau Chandeliers, Ceiling Fixtures, Hanging Light Fixtures.

Industrial Art Deco Period Pendant Light Fixtures
Circa 1930's, American


Wonderful Art Deco Period Industrial pendant ceiling light.
Beige opaline glass cylinders are set in steel frames with painted (red) accents.
Cone shaped drop between chain and top of pendant.
Domed ceiling canopy, suspends the pendant from a chain.

You may replace the chain easily to suit your ceiling's height requirement.

Item # LADC222 Sold !


Art Deco Skyscraper Chandelier
Circa 1930s, Belgium

Very Modernist skyscraper design with sphere details, all in polished nickel.
Recently re-plated and restored. Lower profile, ideal for low ceilings.
Can be installed  without the additional chain and canopy,
which was added later to extend the overall height.
Reminiscent of the Empire State building and skyscrapers from the 1930s.
Streamline disc design on the bottom center of fixture.
A charming foyer or bathroom fixture, or even over a small dining / kitchen table.

Item # LADC165 Sold !


Art Deco Period / Czech Modernist Chandelier
Circa 1930's, Czechoslovakia


Bold and timeless 6 arm, Art Deco period Czech Modernist Chandelier.
Brushed nickel frame with round tubular downrod and canopy. 

Curved upward sweeping arm design that begins at the center post
and ends at each of the six arms, topped with a frosted glass cylinder.
Brushed nickel sphere finial caps off the center post.

Item # LADC251 Sold !


French Art Deco Modernist Chandelier / Pendant Lamp
Circa 1930's, France

Sleek Modernist Pendant fixture with a 1/2" thick piece of round peach-pink, textured glass.
Polished nickel frame with beehive style canopy.
A 1/2 Chrome Dipped lightbulb (not shown) peeks though the bottom center.

Ideal for over a round kitchen or dining table.
Adjustable down-rod. Dimensions shown as pictured, with down-rod at it's longest length.

Item # LADC209  Sold !





French Art Deco Petite Chandelier
Circa early 1940s, France

Mixed metal and wood with classic Art Deco -Art Moderne styling. Copper and chrome frame with stacked wood discs, painted a rich red color.
Center down-post features a square column, painted beige. Flared copper canopy. Painted down-rod.

Item # LADC131 Sold


French Art Deco Modernist Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France

Round Modernist Chandelier, with a satin nickel over brass frame and unusual, heavy molded glass inserts that have an intentional clear chipped edge design with frosted sections.

Downlight shines through the lower round frosted glass panel.
Flared upper frame hides the center post that attaches to the chain.

Item # LADC210 Sold !


Raak Dutch Modernist Flush Ceiling Fixture
Circa 1960's, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Well known design by Mid-Century Modern lighting specialists, Raak Lighting.
Spun (brushed) aluminum with white opaque plastic cones. 
Raak created this design and used it for suspended pendant lights, sconces and this flush
mounted ceiling light. You may also opt to use this upside-down as a table lamp.

Item # LADC253 Sold !





Mid-century Modern Ceiling Fixture / Chandelier
Circa  1950s, Italy

Dramatic Italian Modern Flush mounted ceiling fixture.
The flush mounted disc holds a collection of 6 blown glass tubes that suspend from flexible wires. 

Pale colorful glass has a hint of purple/mauve tones with etched linear designs. This flexibility allows for you to hang this from a sloped ceiling as well as adjust the tube heights as you desire.

Item # LADC206 Sold !


French Modernist Chandelier
Circa 1960's-1970's, France

Modernist Chandelier with two-tone brass and chrome frame.
Six opaque white glass shades rest in the frames.

ITEM # LADC204 Sold !



French Art Moderne Chandelier
by Petitot, signed
Circa early 1940s, France

Classic 1940s Art Moderne styling in a combination of polished brass and painted metal finish.
Illuminated with a glass rod central post that has a down-light as well as
backlighting the glass rods.
4 polished brass arms feature metal shades that offer light from both the top and bottom of the shades.

Item # LADC129 Sold


French Art Deco Signed Chandelier
Muller Freres Glass, Iron Frame by Chapelle
Circa 1920's, France


Classic 1920's French Art Deco Chandelier.
Arched and scrolled three arm design with glass globes, and a 4th, identical center glass globe.
Highly detailed wrought iron frame, in the manner of Paul Kiss.

Scrolled, stylized floral Ironwork by the firm of Chapelle in Nancy, France.
The signed, Mueller Freres Glass globes are very dimensional
and feature Moderne styled peacocks. All globes are signed, "Muller Fres Luneville".

Perfect for a Foyer or elegant Powder room.

Item # LADC242 Sold


American Art Deco Theater Chandeliers, Pair
Circa 1920's, American


Pair of American Art Deco Cinema Chandeliers, in a tiered, waterfall design of polished nickel
and opaque, white glass, a colorless vertical linear glass and frosted glass.

Design in 4 tiers, like a wonderful wedding cake.
These once graced a Art Deco period movie theater.
These chandeliers looks like they were straight out of the set
of a Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers movie.

Item # LADC232  Sold !


Petite Art Deco Glass Drum Chandelier
Circa late 1930's, France


Charming and elegant petite scale chandelier.
Ideal for a boudoir, glamorous ladies dressing room, or elegant bath.

Frosted glass drum shade illuminates and gives off a crisp white light
that bounces off the polished nickel frame and crystal spheres.

Crystal Spheres in various sizes, decorate this chandelier; on each of the three sweeping arms,
the bottom finial and the top section of the down rod, just about the flared, trumpet shaped detail.

Item # LADC249  Sold !


French Art Deco Waterfall Chandelier
George Leleu
Circa 1930's, France


Rare High Art Deco George Leleu waterfall chandelier in polished chrome and copper
with opal glass bowls and art deco opalescent glass dangles dripping from the waterfall design.

Clear Glass sphere detail on stem. Lower opal glass center bowl offers a subtle downlight.
Previously pictured in a Judith Miller book. (this actual chandelier)

Item # LADC233  Sold !


Rare French Art Deco Modernist Platform Chandelier
By Art Deco period Lighting Designer Francis Paul for Rene Pottier
Circa 1930s, France


Polished nickel high Modernist frame with glass rod sides
and frosted glass rectangular panel with clear edge.

Ideal for over a dining table or kitchen island, pool table.
Square tubular downrods can be lengthened for a higher flat ceiling.
Can be suspended from cables or chains if needed for higher cathedral ceiling.
As shown this is a rare choice for lower ceilings, not easily found in a period fixture.

Wonderful tubular modernist canopy design.
Offers uplighting, downlighting and ambient side lighting through the glass rods.
A stunning and functional designer chandelier.

Item # LADC160 Sold !



French Art Deco Chandelier
Signed, Muller Freres
Circa 1920's, France

Hand wrought iron frame with molded glass sphere shades.

Item # LADC14 Sold

This chandelier is pictured on
page 556 of the Judith Miller
" Antiques Price Guide 2007 "

Smaller, co-ordinate chandelier also available, not yet pictured...


French Art Deco Ceiling Fixture
Signed Glass : Muller Freres Luneville
Circa 1920's, France


Classic molded glass dome shaped light.
Stylized geometric floral design with zig-zag theme.
Molded signature, Muller Freres Luneville, near the center of the dome.

Item # LADC203 Sold !


Monumental Bronze Art Deco Chandeliers, Pair
Circa 1930s, removed from a movie Palace lobby

These huge chandeliers offer a rare opportunity
for those needing a identical pair of monumental chandeliers.
Ideal for a two or three story circular staircase.

Frosted (clear) glass panels in a polished bronze frame with copper canopy.
Highly polished bronze frame has skyscraper motif.

Item # LADC109  Sold !


The Big Bang Pendant Chandelier
Designed by Enrico Franzolini and Vicente Garcia Jimenez for Foscarini
Circa 21st Century, Venice, Italy


A casual pattern with which the composition of irregular planes
creates a volume around the light source,
determines the dynamic character of Big Bang's exuberant personality.
A powerfully structural luminous body characterized by a play of shadow and light,
with great visual impact yet airy in appearance, it is ideal for personalizing rooms in any style,
even when used alone. It provides an intense, vivid and direct light.

Item # LADC202 Sold !


 Contemporary Bubble Pendant Chandelier
Designed by Patricia Urquiola  & Eliana Gerroto  for Foscarini
Circa 21st Century, Venice, Italy


This glamorous bubble style chandelier is from The Caboche collection,
designed by Patricia Urquiola  & Eliana Gerroto  for Foscarini in 2005. 

Composed by transparent spheres made of a polymethylmetacrylate,
internal shade in blown glass with a white matt finish.
This ceiling light creates a glowing upward and downward light
to brilliantly illuminate your home. 

Item # LADC201 Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier with matching wall sconces
Sabino Glass
Circa 1920's, France

Beautifully designed silver-plated chandelier frame with molded glass 2 piece shades.

Item # LADC2:  Sold !


Large Modernist French Chandelier
Circa late 1930s, France

Sleek, tubular polished Brass frame.

Item # LADC98 Sold !


Pair of Grand Art Deco Chandeliers
Circa 1925, American

Rare pair of Identical American Art Deco Period Chandeliers
Classic art deco detailing with frozen fountain motif,
popularized during the 1925 Paris Exposition.

Cast Octagon shaped bronze frame with original nickel plating intact.
Original etched glass panels repeat the frames fountain design.
Stair-stepped finial design on bottom of chandelier.

Item # LADC107 Sold !


French Modernist Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France


Bold Modernist chandelier in brightly polished nickel with 5 arms design, using bold spheres,
stacked discs and tubular design features. Open frosted glass shades with nickel plated trim.
Stacked concentric ceiling canopy.

Item # LADC150 Sold  !


Fire Gilded Bronze Viennese Art Nouveau period Chandelier
Circa 1900, Vienna


 Beautiful, delicate swirling floral design, classical Art Nouveau design.
Original, dangling glass tube shades.

ITEM # LADC80 Sold !


Very Rare French Art Deco Figural Chandelier
In the manner of Lalique
France, circa 1920s

Silver-plated bronze frame with detailed art deco design
Trio of frosted glass female figures posed on top,
around a frosted glass cylinder that illuminates.

Ideal for over a dining table, glamorous dressing room, boudoir or bathroom

Item # LADC87 Sold !


French Art Deco Skyscraper Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France


Satin nickel frame with skyscraper design and co-ordinate frosted clear glass shades.
Large center shade with 4 arms that have matching suspended shades.
Center ceiling canopy has a square profile with matching art deco details.
Pure Art Deco !

Item # LADC155 Sold !


Grand French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1920's, France
Silver plated frame with molded glass Floral slip shades.

Item # LADC1: Sold !


French Art Deco Modernist Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France

Clear and frosted glass panels set in a Modernist polished copper frame.

Item # LADC64 Sold !


Art Deco Skyscraper Chandelier
Circa 1930's, Belgium


Bold 8 arm Skyscraper Cubist Art Deco chandelier in brightly polished nickel
with white opaline flared shades. (please pardon reflections in the metal)
Although made in Belgium, his design is reminiscent of the skyscrapers
first created in the 1930's such as the Empire State building and Chrysler Building.
Shown with the original chain and stair stepped canopy.

Item # LADC151 Sold !

We still have the 'little brother' to this chandelier, see Item # LADC165

Click here to View details...


Streamline Art Deco Chandeliers
Sold as a set of Four fixtures
Circa 1930's, France

Spun aluminum with brass down rods.
As found!

Item # LADC16 Sold !


French Modernist Art Deco Chandelier / Ceiling Light Fixture
Attributed to D.I.M.
Circa 1930s, France


Art Deco period Glass Rod chandelier, ideal for lower ceilings.
Ultra Modernist, unusual French design featuring a demi-lune end cap
and double blown glass tubular lower lights.

Open top design, offering plenty of light from both the top and bottom.
A rare find we are attributing to the design house of D.I.M.
Shown in original condition, restoration is optional.

Item # LADC125 Sold !


Degue French Art Deco Chandelier / Ceiling Light Fixture
Circa 1930s, France

Nickel frame with molded glass signed geometric shades

Item # LADC25  Sold !


 French Art Deco Modernist Chandelier / Ceiling Light Fixture
Circa 1930s, France

Round Modernist chandelier with 25 glass rods and 5 pairs of textured glass inserts or wings. Polished aluminum frame with round center frosted glass disc with downlight.

Item # LADC152  Sold !




Signed French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa early 1920s, France
Dore Bronze geometric and floral frame
with matching signed Noverdy Molded glass Floral Panels.

Very early classic French Art Deco chandelier.
Outstanding cast bronze frame geometric design continues the geometric design of the
Three molded glass panels.
The floral design is repeated on the ceiling canopy.

Item # LADC116  Sold !



American Art Deco Pendant Chandeliers, 6
Circa 1920s, USA

Sold individually
or in pairs

Removed from an
Art Deco building in Boston, MA

Skyscraper design in Polished Brass
with stair stepped and angular original
Milkglass panels

The brass frames can easily be re-plated in polished nickel or chrome.

Perfect in an entryway or Art Deco styled Home Theater

Item # LADC85
All Six are now Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier
By Petitot
Circa 1930's, France

Sweeping Sabino style opal glass shades in a unique chandelier design.
Black ebonized wood with polished nickel frame.

Item # LADC76 Sold


Mid-Century Modern Chandelier
Circa 1950s, France


Classic French Fifties chandelier in Brass and black painted metal.
Sculptural design with a very open and airy feel.
12 round tubular brass arms that are bent in a S shape
and end in black socket covers. Shown without bulbs,
we suggest using this on a dimmer with clear bulbs as it will throw off a large amount of light.
Trumpet shaped canopy, flat round panel on bottom, also painted black.

Item # LADC166 Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier by Petitot
Circa 1930's, France

Beautiful 6 arm chandelier with unusual hexagon shaped glass rod center post that illuminates.
Art deco design detail at the top of the center column. Polished nickel frame with stair
stepped arm design and waterfall frosted clear glass shades.
The waterfall design was a popular motif at the 1925 Paris Exposition and was used widely during the 1930's.
Very high quality and a show stopper in any home or office.

Item # LADC156 Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1920's, France

Molded glass shades with a Pine Cone Motif,
which is repeated in the solid Brass frame.
Frame can be re-plated in the metal finish of your choice.

Item  # LADC73 Sold !


French Art Deco Figural Chandelier
Leaping greyhound and large horned stag
Circa 1920s, France


Unique French Art Deco Figural chandelier with frosted glass panels
that illuminate in a highly polished nickel (restored) frame.


Figural decorations on each side, a leaping greyhound on the shorter sides
and a large horned Stag on the longer sides. Perhaps this was intended as a hunting scene as both are running through the foliage. Very dimensional design.

Item # LADC162 Sold !


French art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1920s, France


Unusual gilded iron hand wrought frame suspends an 8 panel
etched and frosted glass design depicting skyscrapers.
4 rod down post with wrapped intertwining linear design and spheres.

The dimensional star shaped ceiling canopy compliments the design of the fixture.
Textured finishes on the iron add to the effect.

Item # LADC127 Sold !



French Art Deco Chandeliers
by Petitot, Pair
Circa 1930s, France

French Art Deco Chandeliers with original polished nickel frames.
Illuminated center post features clear glass rods.

6 Arm design with glass wing inserts and molded glass shades.

Item # LADC140 Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France.

Signed ' Schneider ' art glass bowl
in a simple yet elegant octagon shaped polished nickel frame.
Ideal for tall ceilings.

Item # LADC79 Sold !



French Art Deco Geometric designed Parasol

Circa 1920s, France

Ideal to convert into a chandelier, to display on a plant ledge/ shelf or art deco armoire.

Item # DAVI19  Sold !



Art Deco / Art Moderne Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France

Unique Smaller scale Design in a copper frame
Clear and etched glass panels.

Ideal for a small entryway or lower ceiling.

Item # LADC67 Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier by Petitot
Circa 1930's, France

Polished nickel frame with waterfall design in
frosted and clear glass shades and accents.

Item # LADC75
Sold !

3 matching sconces still available!


French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1920's, France

 Hand wrought iron frame In the manner of Edgar Brandt.
Alabaster center bowl and side shades.

Item # LADC77 Sold !


French Modernist Chandelier
Circa  20th Century, probably 1950s, France


Wonderful sleek design in polished brass with brown glass shades.
This chandelier can also be used without the glass shades,
with simple round bulbs or small lampshades.

Streamline art deco details with a triple stacked disc design make this modernist
chandelier suitable for many styles of dcor,
from Art Deco to Mid-Century or Contemporary Modern.

Item # LADC133 Sold !


French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1930's, France

Unusual design featuring 3 cubist Herons perched atop the polished nickel frame.
5 opaline sphere shades.

ITEM # LADC74 Sold !


French Art Deco Modernist Chandelier
Circa 1930s, France.

Polished nickel  frame with Opalescent Glass.
6 arm/shades with central downlight of matching opal glass.
Round molded glass shades with a chipped ice'
design detail on each arm shade and center shade.

Item # LADC89 Sold !


Rare design featuring molded opalescent glass shades,
down-light, rods and arms.
circa 1920's, France.

ITEM # LADC69 Sold !


French Art Deco Figural Chandelier
Circa 1920s, France


Highly detailed figural design depicting a nude female
nymph feeding a deer, as she rests on a capitol column seat.
Stair-stepped and banded design adds to the High Art Deco design.
The 4 chandelier arms have a detailed floral design on the underside,
which is viewed when the chandelier is hung in place.

Item # LADC128 Sold !


Murano Glass Art Deco Chandelier
Italy, circa 1930's.

Stunning ultra-Glamorous Art Deco era chandelier.
Six arm chandelier with fronds in an upward sweep around the Murano glass down-post.

Small brass accents around bottom and base of shades,
otherwise all you see is the beautiful Murano glass.
The canopy design remembers the shade design with a subtle flared pattern.

Item # MLC16 Sold !


Grand French Art Deco Chandelier
Circa 1920's, France

Early transitional design, with Bird, Floral  and sunray motif.
Ideal for a morning room.

Item  # LADC26 Sold !



Viennese Secessionist Ceiling or Wall Lights, set of 3
Circa 1930s, Vienna


Three petite fixtures that can be flush mounted to a wall or ceiling.
They can be used together or individually.
Polished brass flared cone with zig-zag profile edge.

Item # LADS78 Sold !


Murano Glass Chandelier
Circa 1940's, Italy

Golden glass in a
6 arm classic style.

Item  # MLC19
Sold !

Please note, we also have a
3 light version of this chandelier...


French Art Deco Chandelier

Circa 1930, France

Polished Nickel Skyscraper frame with lighted
glass rod central post and lighted lower glass shade that has
a stepped design to repeat the skyscraper arm detail
The chipped ice stepped glass shade compliments the outer 5 shades.

Item # LADC111 Sold !

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