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statues and sculptures

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Rare French Art Deco Grand Figural Female Nude Statue / Lamp
After Max LeVerrier (1981 - 1973)
Clarte Nymph, near life size statue
Circa 1928 design, Mid- 20th Century issue, France


Wonderful and famous statue by Art Deco's best known sculptors, Max le Verrier.
Known as 'Clarte', symbolizing the goddess of light, this is perhaps the most famous
of all Art Deco sculptures. This illuminated statue was made in 4 sizes,
this size being the largest and rarest.

LeVerrier used three live models for this statue, in order to create the image of what he felt was the perfect woman. One model was used for her head, with a short, boyish bob haircut, that was the trend of the time. Another model was used for her feminine upper torso. The model he used for her legs was an African American dancer from Josephine Baker's show.


Item # DAS114

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French Art Deco Style Figural Nude Hand Carved Lemonwood Wall Panels
3 Designs available, in 3 sizes
Custom Made & Finished to Order
Circa 21st Century


Striking Art Deco stylized figural nude panels of hand carved lemonwood,
in your choice of 3 sizes, ranging from 57" to 95" high,
custom finished in your choice of 11 wood finishes.

Add depth to the design by selecting a gilded or silvered finish for these contemporary panels.
The smallest size is ideal for over a fireplace in a master bedroom.

Item # DAWA02

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French Art Deco Style Mosaic Wall Art Panel
after Tamara De Lempicka's 'The Two Girlfriends'
Circa 1930 art, recreated in the 21st century


Stunning large wall mosaic panel, depicting two women, entitled 'The Two Girlfriends'.
This piece is done completely in shades of shimmering black, white and grey glass tiles.

Talented (and very patient) Artisans have used thousands of tiles to create this dramatic
wall panel that towers over 6 feet high.

Item # DAWA01

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'The Kiss' Large Mosaic Wall Art Panels
After Gustv Klimt
Circa 21st C.

Large Scale colorful, mosaic wall art of a nude couple in a romantic kiss. This is created in the spirit of the famous painting, 'The Kiss' by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

2 Piece wall art, vertical orientation.

Over two thousand pieces of hand painted glass mosaic tiles and semi-precious stones are painstakingly hand assembled to create this shimmering work of art. Ideal for almost any room of the house, especially nice for a romantic master bedroom or bathroom.

Item # DAP41

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'Lady with a Hat and Feather Boa' Large 8 Piece Mosaic Wall Art
After Gustv Klimt's 1908 painting
Secession Movement Design, Circa 21st C.


8 Piece wall art. Large Scale colorful, mosaic wall art. Thousands of hand painted glass
mosaic tiles and semi-precious stones are painstakingly hand assembled to create this
shimmering work of dramatic wall art. Ideal for almost any room of the house.

This mosaic wall art is created in the spirit of the famous museum painting, 
'Lady with a Hat and Feather Boa' by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt.

Item # DAWA04

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Modernist 'Entwined' Spiral Wall Sculpture
4 Size Sculptures or 3 Size Wall Mirrors available
Circa 21st C. Custom
Made to Order in Your Choice of Wood Finish
Limited Stock available


Sculptural, architectural Modernist wall art. Pierced design lets your wall color peek through the 
entwined spirals. This spiraling design is intertwined with ribbon like dimension that varies in
width throughout the design. Use alone or in multiples for a bold statement on a wall. 
Hand carved wall art, custom finished in your choice of 11 wood finishes.
(shown above in the Silver leaf finish)

Item # DAWA03

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Important Signed Art Deco Large Figural Nude Statue
Artist: Ernest DíHossche
Circa early 1940's, Belgium

Rare and important figural nude sculpture by Belgian artist, Ernest DíHossche.
Gilded plaster, sculpted into a large scale statue, on it's original, black painted, wood base.
She is standing with a regal expression and stance, holding a drape in her hands.
Signed on the base, in the plaster:  E DíHossche

Provenance: This was part of Ernest DíHossche's personal collection 
that was kept in his family until now. Purchased from his daughter,
we are thrilled to be able to offer this important work to our clients.

Item # DAS99

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French Art Deco Silvered Figural Bronze Woman
Sculptor: F. Trinque
Circa 1925, France


Graceful nude female dancer in a near split pose, with arms outstretched above her head,
holding a draped fabric that cascades behind her. Bronze marquette base,
resting on the original, beautiful black porto marble that is in one piece, with a carved stepped base.  Signature in the marquette, 'F. Trinque'

Item # DAS76

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze, Woman with Child
Sculptor / Artist: Gilbert Auguste Privat
Circa 1930, France


Charming, very large scale bronze, with original rich green mottled patina.
Reclining nude woman with her young child standing behind her, whispering into her ear.
She is reclining on a draped blanket, with a stylized floral art deco garland draped at her child's side. Resting on the original solid black marble base. The styling is sleek and high Art Deco.
Signed: G. Privat with oval foundry seal: Cachet Foundeur Pannini Gam Editeur.

Item # DAS75

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze / Silvered Diana the Huntress Statue
Sculptor / Artist: Daverny
Circa 1930's, France


Wonderful, large scale figural bronze statue depicting Diana the huntress, posed with her bow on a black marble base with pale green onyx trim and polished nickel accents. Diana is cast in bronze and is wearing a silver plated draped gown with high side slits and scarf. 

Item # DAS106

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Goddess \ Diana the Huntress Statue
In the manner of Marcel Bouraine
Circa 1930's, France


Fabulous, sleek and stylized figural bronze of Diana the Huntress, with her bow.
Her hair is blowing in the wind, she is perched down on one knee, taking aim at her target.
Rich, beautiful green mottled patina. Truly one of the best bronze Diana statues we've ever seen.

Item # DAS73

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Male Archer / Warrior Statue
Ghanu H. Gantcheff 
Circa 1920's, France


Bold and masculine, depicting an archer/ warrior in battle.
He has a shaven head and is very athletically built. He is standing on a rocky terrain.
Nearly nude, with the exception of a windblown scarf strategically placed.
Signed in the marquette ,'Gantcheff' and 'bronze'. Resting on the original black marble base.

Item # DAS72

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French Art Deco Figural Panther Statue
Sculptor: Irenee Rochard
Circa 1930's, France


Classic signed figural Art Deco statue depicting a crouching panther, roaring and about to pounce. Mounted to the original black marble and pale green onyx base, with decorative facade.
Signed on the marble base, 'ROCHARD" in block letters. Realistic details on the panther.
Nice size statue, ideal for a small buffet or console table.

Item # DAS108

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Panther Statue
Sculptor: Michele Decoux
Circa 1930's, France


Small scale, Modernist, Cubist Panther statue by the Belgian female artist, Michele Decoux.
Very nicely done, ideal size for a paperweight on a desktop or a decoration on coffee or side table. High quality with a nice weight. On the original black marble base. 
Wonderful polished copper finish over the bronze, with a beautiful patina.

Item # DAS62

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French Art Deco Large Figural Bronze Wounded Panther Sculpture / Statue
Sculptor / Artist: Lois Albert Carvin
Circa 1930's, France


Very large figural bronze sculpture depicting a panther, wounded by an arrow.
Rare stylized Art Deco panther by Lois Albert Carvin,
who was known to usually create in a more naturalistic style.
Beautiful, rich dark black patina. Mounted on the original sloped brown-beige onyx base.

Item # DAS83

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Lion Statue
Ghanu H. Gantcheff, Marcel Guillemard foundry
Circa 1920's, France


Sleek, large Art Deco period bronze statue, depicting a roaring lion.
Resting on the original black marble base. Polished finish with patina in the details.
Created by Russian/Bulgarian sculptor Ghanu H. Gantcheff, created at Marcel Guillemard's foundry.

Signed on the lower back paw, near the tail, please see photo below.
A large scale and very heavy statue, ideal to grace a large credenza, server or buffet.
The low profile makes this easy to place on an entertainment cabinet
so that it will not interfere with a wall mounted flat TV.

Item # DAS66

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French Art Deco / Cubist Wounded Panther Statue
Sculptor: Notari
Circa 1930's, France


Wonderful and all original cubist Panther statue.
This panther has been shot with an arrow in his hind leg and is growling with pain.
Cast in a white metal, with a gunmetal finish. 

Item # DAS68

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Art Deco Porcelain lady with pair of panthers
Sculptor: Hans Harders for Fraureuth Kunstabteilung
Circa 1917-26, Germany


Wonderful and Rare high Art Deco large fine porcelain statue depicting a beautiful woman, 
draped in a one shoulder toga, decorated with hand painted gold scrolls
at the bottom of the gown, arm bands, bracelets and a headband with large earrings. 
She is wearing matching gold thong shoes and is carrying a decorative bowl. 
By her side are a pair of sleek panthers who appear to be her pets
as she is gazing down on them admiringly.

Item # DAS60

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French Art Deco Figural  Bronze Statue
Sculptor: Frederic Focht, titled: 'The Hunter'
Circa late 1920's, early 1930's, France


Wonderful large decorative Bronze Statue featuring an athletically built male hunter,
perched in a tree, spear in hand, defending himself against a large lioness. 
Signed in the bronze: F. Focht

Item # DAS77

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Rare French Art Deco Figural Bronze Decorative Plaque
Hunter with Antelope
Sculptor: Alexander Kelety
Circa 1920's, France


Raised relief bronze plaque depicting a warrior hunting a pair of antelope. 
Textured background with a dark patina, stepped upper and lower frame.
Built-in stand on reverse side, may also be wall mounted or even used as a plaque
on a piece of furniture. Signed by the artist, with foundry mark.

Item # DAS98

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Statue
Man with Eagle
Sculptor / Artist: Louis Riche
Circa 1930's, France


Wonderful, large scale rare bronze sculpture depicting a athletically built man, 
fending off a large eagle who is perched above him on a boulder, wings spread
with a defensive pose. The man is nude, except for a fur loincloth, with his broken spear in hand,
holding up in defense. The other half of his spear is lying by his side, likely broken in battle.
His expression shows respect for the eagle and personal strength to prevail.
As with most of Riche's work, this bronze shows his great attention to detail
and his skill as a sculptor.  Signed in the marquette: L. Riche

Item # DAS74

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French Art Deco Figural Decorative Bronze Statue
Sculptor: Jean Verschneider
Circa late 1920's, early 1930's, France


Masculine decorative Bronze Statue featuring a male wearing a loincloth, 
holding a staph to assist in his climb up the mountain.  
Verschneider was known for his bronze sculptures depicting
gladiators and athletically built males, this is a great example. 
Wonderful rich dark green mottled patina.
Signed in the bronze: Jean Verschneider

Item # DAS78

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Rare French Art Deco Figural Olympian Male Bronze Statue
Artist / Sculptor: G. Daverny
Circa early 1930's France


Dramatic statue featuring an athletic male wearing only a headband and loincloth.
Signed on the black porto marble base, G. Daverny. Foundry: Editions Reveyrolis, Paris.
Beautiful verdigris patina.

Item # DAS81

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Art Deco Figural Male Signed Bronze Statue
Sculptor: Alexandre Ouline, Ocean theme
Circa 1920's, France


Striking and Bold French Art Deco period Bronze statue depicting a athletically built man
pulling his boat ashore, standing on rocks, fighting a crashing wave.
Windswept hair and the crashing wave give this piece nice movement.
Original beautiful patina with shades of rich green tones.
Signed in the bronze, "Ouline (artist name)
Patrouilleau Editeur, Bronze, Made in France."

Item # DAS40

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Contemporary French Modernist Bronze Torso Statue
Sculptor: , Numbered 5 out of 12
Circa 20th Century

Sculptural small scale bronze Male torso, in a deep patinated bronze finish, with organic shaped ribbon wrapping around the torso, and sphere accents in a polished bronze finish.

Item # DAS109

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Woman with Dog Statue
Sculptor: Georges Coste 'Best Friends'
Circa 1930's, France


Wonderful large scale bronze sculpture/ statue depicting a woman with her best friend.
She is nude with a short bob hairstyle, the dog appears to be a Russian wolfhound.
She has a soft, beautiful face and the dog is resting his head on her lap, looking up at her adoringly. The bronze has an overall dark black rich patina.
The scale and proportions on this are perfect.

Item # DAS79

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French Art Deco Whippets or Greyhound Statue
Sculptor: Irenee Rochard
Circa 1920's, France


Large scale figural statues that pay tribute to the graceful form of the whippet or greyhound,
one of the Art Deco period's favorite breeds in art.

Item # DAS84

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French Art Deco Figural Statue, Signed
Sculptor: Irenee Rochard. Circa 1930, France


Art Deco period ĎRacing Greyhounds with deerí figural statue
on a beautifully sculpted and signed variegated brown marble base.
The quality of the statues is very fine and the proportions are perfect.
The Greyhounds and the deer have a rich green
painted finish that shows itís age.
A classic Art Deco theme in traditional Art Deco colors.

Item # DAS33

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French Art Deco Silvered Figural Statue
Sculptor: J. Salvado
Circa 1920's, France


French Art Deco period silvered metal statue, depicting a young woman, kneeling on a
decorative pillow with tassels. She is nude, draped with a long fabric that is being pulled off her
from behind, where a mischievous bulldog is pulling the draped fabric off her.

Item # DAS48

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French Art Deco Period Statue
Woman with dogs, patinated and painted metal on marble base.
The dogs look like golden retrievers or setters.

Very high quality with nice attention to detail.
Looks great from all angles.

Item # DAS18

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French Art Deco Silvered Bronze Sculpture of a Ballet Russes Dancer
Circa 1920's, France


French Art Deco Figural bronze, with cold painted and silver-plated finish.
Displayed on the original elaborate marble and onyx base, 
with copper triple banding and framed by a pair of large black onyx spheres.
This dancer embodies the exoticism of the Ballets Russes of Paris.
This Persian Dancer wears the attire most associated with the East;
harem pants with a bronze bustier top, exotic jewelry, jeweled armbands
and curled-toe slippers. 

Item # DAS97

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French Art Deco Figural Bronze Female Dancer Statue
Sculptor: Henri Desire Grisard
Circa 1920's, France


Beautiful and graceful dancer statue.
She is wearing a textured bodysuit and headpiece.
It has a rich deep green patina with raised, circular gilded accents. 
She is holding a polished bronze ball with the other arm outstretched behind her.
On a two tier green marble base.

Item # DAS64

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Rare French Cubist Art Deco Figural Bronze
Femme nue a la draperie
Sculptor: Lemo
Circa early 1930ís, France

Graceful figural Modernist Bronze of a nude woman draped wraped in a flowing drape.
Shown in a twenties era bob style haircut, this statue has a wonderful cubist quality.
Mounted on the original black onyx base.

Item # DAS42

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French Art Deco Figural Circus Dancer Statue
Circa 1930's, Limousin, France


Classic French art deco dancer, cold painted silver finish, over a spelter base.

Item # DAS88

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French Art Deco Silvered/cold painted Bronze Figural Statue
Circa 1920ís, France

Figural partial nude woman with Twenties era bob hairstyle and a green drape across her lower half.

Item # DAS44

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Rare Bimini Glass Large Art Deco Woman Figurine
Circa 1920's-30's, Vienna, Austria

Very delicate and rare figural creation of all lamp-worked blown glass.
Art Deco nude woman with her arms stretched over her head,
holding a large sphere or ball.

Item # DAS54

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French Art Deco Figural Female Statue
Danseuse au Tambourin
Sculptor: Pierre Le Faguays
Circa 1920's, France

French Art Deco figural female dancer statue, singing and playing the tambourine.

Item # DAS53

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French Art Deco Figural Woman Silvered Bronze Statue
Sculptor / Artist: Joseph Gauthier
Circa 1920's, France


Figural Silvered Bronze statue of an almost nude, dancing woman, tip-toeing on one foot, 
holding three stylized roses in one hand, with the other arm outstretched. 
Wearing only a drape around her lower half, she is elegantly perched 
upon a two-tier black and grey marble base. She has a short, classic 1920's bob hairstyle.
Strategically signed on the underside of her foot. at base, 'Gauthier'.

Item # DAS71

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