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fireplace andirons

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Art Deco Fireplace Andirons & Antique Fireplace Andirons

French Modernist Fireplace Andirons
Circa 1940's, France


Sleek and simple Modernist designed andirons.

Made of brass with oxidized metal decoration and black iron angle irons.

Item # AGFA38

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Craftsman - Early Art Deco Era Bronze Fireplace Andirons
Early 20th Century, France

Cast of Solid Bronze with an unusual scalloped iron support.
Ideal for a Craftsman  or Art Deco décor
Hammered and smooth details.
Original bronze patina intact.

Item # AGFA7

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Arts & Crafts Period Andirons
Circa early 20th Century, American

Cast Iron large scale Andirons
Hammered Texture, original patina intact.

Item # AGFA33

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Coming Soon!
 Art Deco Fireplace Andirons
We will be offering Reproductions of the streamlined Waterfall Art Deco design pictured.
Constructed of cast Bronze and Aluminum, they will be offered in a variety of finishes.

We have these one-of-a-kind Custom 1930's period Andirons,
which are also pictured on page 13 of Judith Miller's recent book on Art Deco
and in Judith Miller's Antiques Price Guide 2007 on page 587

Please click on thumbnail photo above for larger book image.

Sorry, the originals are not for sale at this time!


Streamline Art Deco Polished Nickel Fireplace insert
Humphrey Radiantfire No. 303
Circa 1930's, USA


Art Deco period Radiant Gas fireplace heater.
Streamline Art Deco design with on and off knob.
The facade of this unit has a streamline Art deco design in cast metal, with a steel grille, 
that we have had all re-plated in polished nickel and had an applied patina to bring out the details in the design. 

Originally used inside fireplace surrounds, with ceramic inserts, connected to a gas line.
This unit can be certified with your gas company and used with your existing gas line or, simply used as a decorative fireplace insert, even in a faux fireplace. 

Item # AGFS15

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Architectural Element Acanthus Leaf Fireplace Andirons
19th Century element, 21st century conversion

Painted, terracotta colored cast iron acanthus leaf andirons.
New sideways C shaped iron supports at base.

Item # AGFA25

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Pair of French Antique Figural
Fireplace Andirons

Sculptural Cast bronze base depicting a Mythological male head

Large Brass Sphere finials. In good original condition, with age and patina, as shown in photos.

Item # AGFA1

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French Cast Iron Victorian Era Griffin Andirons
Circa late 19th Century, France.

Black enamel paint with gilded highlights, over cast iron.
Great large scale andirons with wonderful details;

Crest detail on Griffin’s chest with fleur-de-lis and four stars.
Claw feet with a long tail that wraps around the front of each Griffin. Rings on back.

Item # AGFA2

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Cast Bronze Architectural panels, Pair
Circa late 19th century, France.

Ideal to create the sides of a custom fireplace mantel,
console table, or other custom furnishing.

Very dimensional Classical design with Diana the huntress with a deer,
in a center medallion surrounded by a holly wreath

Five dancing nymphs in flowing gowns at the top.
Decorative border, urn and garland details.
Fluted base design.

Item # AGAA26

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Ideal for use with Item # AGFA29, The French Bronze Fireplace Chenets, offered below

Ideal for use with item # AGAA26, shown above
Bottom edge details match the side details on these Bronze panels.
Convert these panels into a fireplace surround as use with these Chenets, offered below…

French Bronze Fireplace Chenets
Circa late 19th century, France.

Urn with classical column on pedestal with floral garland.
Ram’s head details on urns.

Item # AGFA29

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French Bronze Egyptian Themed Andirons
Circa 20th century, France.

Winged Griffins stand guard on decorative columns
with Egyptian hieroglyphics on the bases.

Item # AGFA3

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French Antique Gothic Fireplace Andirons
17th century Hand wrought Iron, France

These hand made andirons from the 17th century are unique in design.
The top open basket pieces swivel 360 degrees and are slightly different sizes,
adding to their hand wrought antique charm.

Item # AGFA6

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Transitional Cast Iron Antique Fireplace Andirons

Dimensions: 15 ¾” High, 9” Wide, 2 ½” deep, front part, 16 ½” Deep overall.

In good original condition with expected signs of age and patina.

Item # AGFA8: Price: $ 1,000.


Bronze and Iron Antique Gothic Fireplace Andirons
Circa early 17th century, France.

Rare, exceptional antique Gothic fireplace andirons.

Handwrought iron open cage design at top,
with cast shield design with fleur-de-lis on body of andirons.
On lower left leg, round matchstick holders designed to look like a rounded castle tower.

Item # AGFA9

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Grand Moroccan Antique Fireplace Andirons

Circa 18th century, France
Hand wrought Iron with Brass Decorative Finial.
Four feet high!

Dimensions: 48 “ high, 12 ¾” Wide, 31 ½” Deep.

Condition: In original as found condition;
heavy patina with rust and expected aging intact.
Hollow brass tops also show patina and oxidation.

Item # AGFA10: Price: $ 6,900


Early Craftsman or Gothic Large Fireplace Andirons
Circa late 19th/early 20th Century, France

Transitional Hammered Iron design featuring a large sphere
at the top of each andiron with applied design.

Dimensions: 24” High, 13” Wide, 4” Deep, 22” Deep Overall.

Condition: In very Good original Condition with expected signs of age and patina

ITEM # AGFA11: $ 2,000


Antique Architectural Cast Iron Corbels, pair
Circa 19th century, France
Ideal as one-of-a-kind fireplace andirons

Charming and bold, with expected age and patina.
Rusted, cracked and showing it’s age and glory.
Posts intact, can be used as insert rods if using as corbels, or the brackets for andirons.

Dimensions: 28” Tall, 9” Wide, 16” Deep, 24” Deep.

Item # AGFA12: Price $ 2,400



French Classical Dolphin Fireplace Andirons

Monumental size, elegant design.
Circa 20th century, France.

Exceptional and highly detailed classic design.
High quality construction, very heavy.
Fluid movement with the dolphin wrapping around the base.

Item # AGFA13

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French Iron Fireplace Andirons

Circa 1900, France

Cast Iron French Figural Design
Woman’s face with Egyptian headdress
Black with recent gilded highlights

Item # AGFA20

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Early Hammered Iron Fireplace Andirons

Circa 1900, American
Ideal for a Gothic or Art & Crafts / Craftsman Décor.

Smaller scale fireplace Andirons
Hammered iron base and Brass Oval finial top.

Item # AGFA22

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Classic Traditional Brass Fireplace Andirons
Circa 1940’s, American

Finial design with repeated finial on back leg

Item # AGFA23

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Pair of Figural Brass Fireplace Andirons
Circa late 1800’s, France.

Winged Angel with fleur-de-lis at top of andirons.
Three flowers and a pair of Lions heads on each base

Item # AGFA27

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Architectural Fireplace Andirons
19th Century element, 21st century conversion

Decorative Architectural Element
from a Historical Building in Brooklyn, NY. USA
New sideways C shaped iron supports at base.

Item # AGFA28

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Architectural Iron Element Fireplace Andirons
19th Century element, 21st century conversion

Black Iron, four toed Paw foot on sphere Base.
Florette detail.

Item # AGFA30

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Architectural Iron Element Fireplace Andirons
19th Century element, 21st century conversion

Antique Corn Stalk cast iron element.

Item # AGFA31

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French Antique Architectural Elements; Acanthus Leaves
recently converted into Fireplace Andirons.

Charming Cast Brass or Bronze architectural salvaged items
with heavy rustic patina and broken off areas.

Item # AGFA5

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Rare Solid Bronze European Blackamoor Fireplace Andirons
Naturalist period, France.
Decorative Fireplace Ornamentation in a Left and Right design.
Wearing the Classic Banana Leaf skirt, ala’ Josephine Baker in the 1920’s.
Solid Bronze, very heavy solid construction with well executed details.
Item # AGAA18

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